With over 25 years of marketing experience in the Greater Sacramento and Central Valley areas, MgMT Prime brings unique passion and expertise to the marketing landscape to help elevate your company and brand.

We love challenges and becoming part of the team with every brand we work with. Whether it be working at an event on a Saturday afternoon in July or delivering promotional materials to a store on a Wednesday morning before it opens, we embrace the true meaning of a partnership. Heck, we have enjoyed washing windows and greeting customers at grand openings too!

As well, we have found over the years that spending time in the field at stores, interacting with brand principals and consumers has delivered valuable nuggets of information you just can’t get from a spreadsheet in the office.

A solid marketing strategy today involves using a variety of traditional and digital channels with a clear understanding of each platform and its role in achieving the companies’ goals. Today’s outreach channels are rapidly changing with the surge of digital and mobile technologies. Consumers are “plugged-in” more than ever to various devices throughout the day. We’ll work with you to evaluate all of the available tools and choose the best options, ultimately to drive profitable sales and traffic to your brand.

MgMT Prime can assist you in the following areas:

Brand and Identity

  • Brand Development and Marketing Strategy
  • Research and Analysis
  • Brand Messaging and Positioning
  • Analytics and SEO Strategy
  • Media Planning and Buying (traditional, digital and social)
  • Public and Media Relations
  • Social Media Strategy and Management

Marketing Innovation

  • Brand Development and Marketing Strategy
  • Promotions
  • Sponsorships (sports/events/non-profits)
  • Community Outreach and Cause Marketing
  • Partnership Development

Creative Services

  • Branding and Identity
  • Advertising Campaign Development
  • Visual Tools
  • Info graphics
  • Event Collateral and Signage

Digital Marketing

  • Digital Campaign Development and Management
  • Online Advertising Planning and Management
  • SEO and SEM Planning and Management
  • Social Media Posting and Management
  • Metrics and KPI Reporting
  • Online and Offline Retargeting Marketing

We are storytellers and every brand has its story; we would love to go on that journey with you.

Please call or email us today, let’s meet and discuss your brand challenges!



One critical and often under-recognized key to small business success is how well their Operations are connected to Finance.  The best run businesses have a seamless coordination between the two functions.  You want your operations team to run at their peak efficiency and to be able to focus on the task at hand, your customers.

However, does your finance / accounting system provide your team with the right information and support to do so at peak profitability?  If not, we would love to help you during this process. 

Whether you’ve got a single unit and want to maximize its profitability, or you’ve got 15 storefronts across multiple geographies, we’ve been there and can help you maximize your bottom line. 

With 25 years of experience across Operations, Finance, Logistics and Sales we’ve got the team to help support your growth.

MgMT Prime can assist you in the following areas to grow your bottom line:

  • Franchisee / Franchisor relations
  • Maximizing Operational efficiency
  • Designing and Implementing Pay / Incentive Plans
  • Operations and Finance synergy
  • Project Management
  • Acquisition Integration
  • New Location / Construction / Renovation

Or, do you have a business that you’ve grown, but want to move into a new phase?  Do you want to transition from “Owner / Operator” to simply “Owner?”  We can help that happen too.

Please call or email us today, we would love to hear your story and listen to where you want to go!



Navigating through the HR minefield can prove to be a stressful and daunting task for many employers. One slip and you could find yourself open to endless liability or with an environment that works against your company goals and objectives. At MgMT Prime we want to help you take care of your most valuable resource, your people.

With over 25 combined years of professional Human Resources experience, serving small to large companies, our HR team here at MgMT Prime can help support you and your company with proven expertise, helping to steer you clear of those agonizing pitfalls and partnering with you in providing workable solutions to:

  • State and federal regulatory compliance
  • Employee relations and benefit management
  • Recruitment, selection and compensation process
  • Employee career development
  • Workers compensation management
  • Employee handbook development and management

Let us help you maximize your company's performance and efficiency with organizational systems that will positively impact your employees and your bottom line.

Our dedicated and skilled professionals can provide you with personalized services that can help save you time and money through improved management effectiveness enhanced employee productivity and minimized employee liability.

We can be your simple solution to some of your biggest "people" challenges and concerns.

We would love to meet with you and listen to your needs. Please give us a call or send an email today!